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SecureLink eDeposit Mobile

These days, saving time equals saving money. Make convenience and ease a habit. Use our SecureLink eDeposit tool today!

Save a trip to the bank!

Enroll in our mobile eDeposit service using your computer. Mobile browsers do not allow the full terms and conditions screen to be reviewed as part of the registration process; therefore, we strongly recommend that the registration be completed on a computer to avoid any registration issues.During this registration process you will be prompted to create a user account and accept our SecureLink eDeposit Mobile Agreement. For your own account security, do not use your member number as your user id.  Please note we are currently experiencing technical difficulties when registering for the mobile eDeposit service on a MAC.  We are working to resolve this issue and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Using a QR code reader application from the Apple© Store or Android© Marketplace, scan the QR code for your phone type below. You will be taken to the location of our SecureLink eDeposit mobile app in the Apple© Store or Android© Marketplace. You can also find our mobile app in your phone’s marketplace by searching for “PFCU eDeposit.”
  • Download the app for your phone and log in using the credentials you set up during the SecureLink eDeposit Mobile registration process.


SecureLink eDeposit
Mobile App
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Click here to enroll in SecureLink eDeposit Service using a scanner attached to your computer.