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SecureLink eDeposit

Experience the ultimate in efficiency when you manage your bank deposits on your schedule with your own 24-hour banking teller.

Banking on your time, your schedule!

eDeposit Discover the ultra convenience of depositing checks with SecureLink eDeposit! You can make your deposits at any time, according to your schedule. Our enhanced eDeposit options offer greater security against identity theft and are completely paperless. You can make deposits by:

  •  Taking a picture with your smartphone (iPhone© and Android©).  Enroll today
  •  Using a scanner attached to your computer or uploading a scanned image (.JPG, PNG or .GIF.).Enroll today
  •  For both services, checks deposited by 12pm will be credited the same business day and available per check hold guidelines.  Checks deposited after 12pm will be credited the next business day and available per check hold guidelines.
  • Supported Operating Systems:
  • o Windows 7 or greater
  • o Mac OSX 10.8 is supported using Load or Zero-Client features only
  • Supported Browsers:
  • o Internet Explorer
  • o Firefox
  • o Safari (Mac only)
  • o Chrome (Windows only)

Important: Here are some issues you should know before using eDeposit:

  • Checks That May Not Process – Checks with writing through the account number may not process due to eDeposit not recognizing the numeric character, for example: a signature goes over an account number. This same issue occurs if an asterisk (*) is in front or after the check amount, for example: **$32.50**.
  • Browsers – Mobile Registration is limited to Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or 9 or 10 on a windows computer. If you are using an Apple Computer with the updated Safari (64-bit) browser, the system will not allow you to accept terms and complete the registration.


Forgot your mobile eDeposit app password? 

    1. Call us at 800.548.5465 so we can unlock your account and send you a temporary password.
    2. Open the SecureLink eDeposit app and enter your username and temporary password.
    3. Click on the menu option in your phone and select Change Password.

Still have questions? Read the SecureLink eDeposit FAQs or feel free to contact us 800.548.5465

Note: If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free by clicking the icon below.