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Reverse Mortgage

Get extra cash to supplement your income while ensuring you never owe more than the property is worth!

Smart retirement loan

Are you over 62 years old and looking for extra cash to supplement your income? Power Financial Credit Union has teamed up with First Equity Mortgage Bankers Inc. to offer Reverse Mortgage Loans. Our Reverse Mortgage Loans allows you to tap into the equity in your home while ensuring that you will never owe more than the property is worth!

Features and Benefits:

  • No principal and interest payments while borrowers live in home
  • Helps borrowers with limited income
  • Borrower retains 100% title to property
  • Choose either a lump sum or equity line
  • Money will not be taxable and will not affect Medicare or social security benefits


Note: You will need the Java software to view the financial calculators. If you do not have Java enabled, you can download it for free by clicking on the icon.
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Power XPress First Mortgage Refi 

Nice! A little extra savings each month!
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