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Real Estate Services

Save big when you purchase a home with our real estate partner. We’ll give you unparalleled service and amazing savings.

Get a 20% rebate!*

Get a 20% rebate on the portion of the realty company’s commission for their services!*

Power Financial Credit Union has established an alliance with a realty company that will put money back into your pocket! When you sign up for this service, you will receive:

  • Access to using this FREE real estate service
  • A certified real estate agent to help you locate your dream home
  • 20% rebate on portion of referred realtor company’s commission when you close on your new home*
  • Access to realtors MLS database

To sign up for this program, simply complete our online form and we’ll connect you with our partnered realtor!

20% Rebate

Based on a Realty Company’s Commission Rate of approximately 3%** (for illustrative purposes)

Home Purchase Price
Your 20% Rebate*
* Rebate is available to buyers who close on a home using realtor referred by Power Financial Credit Union. Rebate is calculated at 20% of the referred realty company's commission. Home buyers must receive mortgage loan through Power Financial Credit Union and sales price of the home must be $100,000 or greater in order to qualify for the rebate. The corresponding rebate from the real estate agent's commission will be credited at the loan closing.
** Realtor's commission rate may vary
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Reverse Mortgage

A loan to help you when extra cash is needed during retirement.
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Apply for a Loan

We can help you find the right mortgage.
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