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Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Welcome back!

It usually takes a few days to fully recover from the sugar highs and overall sleepiness that the huge Thanksgiving meals (and subsequent leftovers) cause. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we focus on the December festivities.

It’s time to decorate the house for the holidays which includes putting up the lights (I always flash to the scene in “Christmas Vacation” where Chevy Chase connects the final two extension cords to the lights on his house and they are so bright that they temporarily blind two pilots in an airplane flying over the house), putting up all of the decorations inside the house (the bins holding these decorations are like rabbits and seem to multiply while in storage), and the baking of the holiday cookies (so much for getting rid of that sugar high from Thanksgiving)!  At least the weather is cooling down so the work outside will be more enjoyable. And if you have young children at home, it is time to start hiding the elf on the shelf. This is one of the highlights of the holiday season in our house mostly because the kids wake up every morning trying to find where the elf is and I perform feats only known to Cirque Du Soleil performers trying to get the elf in the most impossible spot in the house so the kids are amazed at the places he can reach!!! All of this activity can be overwhelming so the best way to reduce the stress is to plan out the activities over a two week period. One or two small items after work each day and the larger items spread out over the weekend.

A little planning goes a long way in minimizing holiday stress which makes for a more enjoyable holiday season!  So…from our family at Power Financial Credit Union to your family…Happy Holidays! Now…time to watch “Christmas Vacation” for the billionth time!

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