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Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is the day that we all set aside once a year to get together and give thanks to the original set of pilgrims who made the almost unbearable journey overseas to America. Their journey was plagued with sickness, disease, awful living conditions, and a shortness of food and fresh water. Today we get upset if our commute home is blocked by traffic or if we are without air conditioning for more than an hour! Two words to remember this Thanksgiving are PERSERVERANCE and FELLOWSHIP. Even after the pilgrims made it to America, they continued to battle sickness, disease, and terrible winters with limited supplies, but their perseverance drove them past these obstacles to create the settlements that would eventually be part of the American colonies. That brings us to the other side of Thanksgiving. It was the Indians who eventually taught the pilgrims how to plant crops and hunt game. It was a partnership between two different cultures that vastly helped the pilgrims survive. So too FELLOWSHIP played an important role in Thanksgiving.

It’s easy to dismiss Thanksgiving as a holiday with good food, good company, great football, and family memories that last forever. But let’s remember that Thanksgiving is also a celebration of the PERSEVEARNCE and FELLOWSHIP of the original pilgrims. Two traits that can continue to make us successful today.

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