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Protect Yourself In This Unique Market

Protect Yourself In This Unique Market

Since the 1970s, South Florida has rebounded from FIVE recessions. Power Financial Credit Union has rallied through them all serving only South Florida from 1951. We have identified five things all South Floridians need to do to protect ourselves in this unique...
It’s The End of the World

It’s The End of the World

Everyone sing along if you know the words: It’s the end of the world as we know it It’s the end of the world as we know it It’s the end of the world as we know it And I feel fine. The refrain from that catchy REM tune calls into question the supposed end of the world...
Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Welcome back! It usually takes a few days to fully recover from the sugar highs and overall sleepiness that the huge Thanksgiving meals (and subsequent leftovers) cause. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we focus on the December festivities. It’s time to decorate the...

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is the day that we all set aside once a year to get together and give thanks to the original set of pilgrims who made the almost unbearable journey overseas to America. Their journey was plagued with sickness, disease, awful living conditions, and a shortness...

Home Projects

Cooler weather also is a great opportunity to work on inside projects as well such as installing shelving or new insulation in your attic for better energy efficiency, putting in those wood floors you have been wanting for awhile or even painting the inside of your...

Fall In South Florida

The cool weather has made its way to South Florida…Finally! This is the time of year when working outside (or in the attic of your house) is actually bearable. It’s also the time of year when locals can spot the people from out of town on vacation. The...