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SecureLink Bill Pay

Save time & money when you pay your bills anywhere you have Internet access using Power Financial Credit Union’s free SecureLink Bill Pay!

Ease payments with a click of your keyboard!

SecureLink Bill Pay is a more efficient way of paying and receiving your bills.  Plus, you can quickly set up multiple payees from a single page.  Our Setup Assistant lists common payees organized in categories (such as credit card or mortgage) and displays them based on zip code.  No more writing checks, buying stamps or addressing envelopes…and its free.*

Features and Benefits:

  • Add, delete, or modify your personal payee list at any time.
  • Click the Options button to open a window and perform key tasks on the same screen.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your transactions are processed privately and securely through our integrated security system.
  • FinanceWorks- a free online money management tool.
  • Have your bills presented to you online for review and payment.
  • Immediately see how many days you have until each payment is due.
  • Make your payee list shorter by hiding some payees from your main view.
  • Manage your bills according to your schedule.
  • Quickly view past payment amounts.
  • Schedule payments for recurring bills and one-time payments.
  • Use our Setup Assistant to set up multiple payees from a single page.

The average consumer saves 30 minutes per month¹, or 6 hours a year, when paying bills electronically instead of checks. SecureLink Bill Pay FAQs

*If you are enrolled in SecureLink Bill Pay and do not pay at least 1 bill a month, you will be charged a $4.95 fee.
¹PayItGreen – Average consumer saves 2.5 minutes per bill when paying electronically instead of writing a check. The 30 minute savings per month is based on paying an average of 10 bills per month.
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Enjoy Greater Value...Checking Accounts 

Do your banking when you want and where you want!
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Yes! FinanceWorks

You can control your spending for free.