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Home Projects

Cooler weather also is a great opportunity to work on inside projects as well such as installing shelving or new insulation in your attic for better energy efficiency, putting in those wood floors you have been wanting for awhile or even painting the inside of your house!  Any job that requires cooler temperatures in the working area or ventilating the house by keeping the windows open for instance interior painting or flooring is perfect for this time of year.

We are here to help you with those projects (we won’t be there at 6AM on a Saturday morning to help you paint though) with great financial products that are geared toward home improvement.  Our Home Equity Line of Credit is an excellent vehicle to use for home improvement and you can use the money as you need it by writing a check or transferring funds to your Power Financial Credit Union checking account.  Rates on mortgages are still at historical lows so if you have been in your house for awhile, you can probably refinance the mortgage with us, lower your payment, and take some cash out of the deal to pay for the home projects you want to complete.

Come on South Florida…let’s get some of those “to-dos”…done!

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