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Chairman’s Message

Serving South Florida families for over 60 years. Here, we hear you. We respect you. And we’ll treat you like family.

Here for you generation after generation!

If there is any time in recent history that tested the resolve of American consumers, it has been the last six years. When the economy took a turn for the worst in 2007, your Credit Union put into action a conservative business model that was focused on longer term viability and not short term profit.

Being in South Florida, we are particularly adept at assessing situations, pre-planning for those instances, managing through the challenge, and ensuring all operations are running normally after the threat has passed. Some would label this contingency planning, but we call it smart business. Thankfully we did not have any major weather “situations” to contend with in 2013, but that did not stop us from having our contingency models in place just in case. Even in light of a potential improvement in the economy, we continue to maintain our conservative business model as the prudent protection of your money is our primary concern.

You see, at Power Financial Credit Union, we consider all of our members family. We understand that life has opportunities and challenges and that it helps when you have a trusted partner to help navigate those situations. We have been serving South Florida families for over 60 years…generation Chairman’s Message 2014 after generation. When our CEO holds small group meetings with members, it is heartwarming to hear the younger members talk about how their parents brought them to the Credit Union, to hear the middle aged members talk about how their parents brought them to the Credit Union AND that they have brought their children to the Credit Union. Equally rewarding is to hear our senior members talk about how they have brought their children and grandchildren to the Credit Union. Perhaps it is our focus on personalized attention that resonates with all generations. One member said that he feels like Norm from Cheers when walking into a branch because “everybody knows his name!”

Members also write comments on the Net Promoter Satisfaction Surveys every month about how personable, knowledgeable, and friendly our employees are. Our members enjoy the fact that they receive personalized attention and any decision that needs to be made (especially on loans) is made quickly and locally by an organization that understands the South Florida market. Mortgage members also love the fact that their loans are serviced by their Credit Union and not sold to some third party outside of the state who doesn’t understand South Florida. Any issues that may arise are handled quickly by local expert advisors who work with our loans every day.

We also understand that there can be trepidation with large financial decisions (opportunities or challenges) and that financial literacy goes a long way to alleviate buyer’s remorse. That is why we offer member seminars to provide information on financial topics to help our members make informed decisions. In 2013, we offered seminars on investing, buying a first home, maximizing college financial planning expenditures, and the potential financial implications from the Affordable Care Act. We recognize that providing financial education is part of the mission of this financial cooperative and that one of the most prudent impacts we can have on the communities we serve is to provide financial literacy sessions for better informed buying decisions.

At Power Financial Credit Union, we pride ourselves on providing new opportunities for our members as well. Here are a few of the exciting products/services we have lined up for 2014:

  • A dynamic redesigned website that will appear correctly formatted on the device of your choice.
  • Mobile banking that will enable you to view your accounts, pay bills, view your statements (if enrolled in our eStatement service), and transfer money.
  • Account to account transfer that will enable you to transfer money between your Power Financial Credit Union accounts and accounts that you have at other financial services providers.
  • An enhanced business services product suite that will include savings, money market, payroll, and merchant services products.

Finally, we want to thank our members for their support of this fine financial cooperative. We are extremely proud to say that nine out of ten members would refer friends or family to the Credit Union. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Power Financial Credit Union, I want to thank you for your membership and being part of our credit union family.

Leman Murray
Chairman – Board of Directors